quakenet:#php[.de] Channel Rules

1. No bold/reverse/underline markup in channel

We agree that such markup helps clarifying things in chats, but it is hard to draw the line to abuse. That is why it is simply forbidden for everyone.

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2. No public away or script messages

Even if all your friends in other channels want to be informed: Nobody in #php wants to know what you are doing at the moment, why you are away, and what music you are listening to.

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3. No auto-rejoin

Even though everybody might already know that: A kick is a punishment and is not supposed to be circumvented by auto-rejoin. Disable it.

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4. No advertisings

Nobody wants ads, neither on TV nor on IRC... so, please, leave us alone with "join our great #channel" or "listen to Whatever radio!".

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5. No meta questions

Avoid questions like "Any MySQL experts here?" or "Anyone here who can help me?". Simply ask your question; if someone wants to help and knows an answer, he/she will do.

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6. No repetitions

It suffices to ask a question once. No need to repeat it for everyone joining the channel afterwards.

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7. Stay on topic

The channel is about PHP, and that does not change with some regulars moving to other topics from time to time.

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8. Do not paste code to the channel

Although it is okay to paste three lines of code to the channel, it is more reasonable to drop it into http://nopaste.php-quake.net/ in the first place. Then everyone can read the code, nobody needs to scroll back in the IRC client, and no on-going discussions are interrupted.

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9. Do not query unless you are being asked to

The channel is there for help, no need to query anyone.

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10. We do not support foreign scripts

#php is intended for people who want to write scripts themselves; it is NOT a support channel for anything else (be it phpBB, phpMyAdmin, phpNuke, whatever) you downloaded somewhere. In case you are in trouble with a script you did not write yourself, ask the author or the appropriate support channel/forum.

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11. No project related requests

If you need professional help for your projects, formulate professional requests - which involve a) requirements specification and b) detailed information on payment :).

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12. Do not ask for ban removal

We will not remove bans on request. Every question in that direction will just lead to the ban staying there longer.

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13. Stay polite

At times OPs and regulars may turn a bit sarcastic or impolite which unfortunately cannot be avoided completely when being asked the same questions again and again. You will not achieve anything by returning the impoliteness in reaction, it will not better the situation and might only result in you getting banned.

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