Welcome to the #php[.de] homepage!

This channel is basically a helping channel for people with PHP problems, but we (the staff) enjoy to discuss various topics as well ;-). You have to be aware of the fact that there is absolutly no right for help, help is a privilege. To get an answer depends much on the way how you ask your question, so take a minute or two and read the link to the left "How to ask". OP or voice does not compulsorily mean, that this person is good in PHP, and of course flags are not reward for idleing on the channel.

We finally decided to switch the channel language to English, so you may either speak English or join a php channel that fits your language like #php.de, #php.dk or #php.se.

We don't create pages, even if you ask politely... of course a bunch of money will change such attitudes very fast. As we don't create pages we don't give support for foreign scripts. It's simply not our task to take responsibilty for such crappy work as PHP-Nuke ;-).

Before you start asking, do us all a favor and read the fine channel rules.

Have fun!
-- the #php staff

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